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Welcome to the JEC Career Exploration and Job Readiness Workshop Series.  This is a six (6) week Program designed to assist Participants in exploring career and educational opportunities while preparing for post secondary education and the workforce.

after high school

what's next?

Week 2


  1. Tell Me Something About Yourself 
   2.  Personality Traits
   3.  Do I Have a "Good" Work Attitude?
   4.  Resume and Skills 
   5.  Social Media Case Study
​   6.  Weekly Summary Sheet
Week 3

Preparing for my interview

  1. What I need to do at Work to be a Good Employee
   2.  Business Place Etiquette - Rules
   3.  Social Media Case Study 2 - Comments
   4.  Business IQ
   5.  Preparing for the Day of My Interview
​   6.  Weekly Summary Sheet
Week 4

Job Search

  1. Finding a Job -
   2.  Investigate the Company
   3.  Resume Template
            Sent via Email
   4.  Interview Mistakes
   5.  Weekly Summary Sheet
Week 5
Going virtual
  1. Mastering Virtual Interviews 
   2.  Is Your Body Language Helping or Hurting You?
   3.  Nonverbal Communication Skills - Case Study
   4.  Nonverbal Communication Skills Worksheet
    5.   Interview Questions
   6.  Weekly Summary Sheet
Week 6

Career Planning

  1.  I Got a Job Offer
Program Summary Sheet
    2.   Participant Exit Survey

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