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The Junior Entrepreneurs Club Training Program, Inc. (JEC) is a community-based organization (501(c)3).  Since 1999 our mission has been to offer practical work experiences, career exploration, academic assistance, financial literacy, occupational skills, work readiness skills and general assistance to at-risk, economically disadvantaged Youth and Adults that will remove barriers to long term employment and post-secondary academic opportunities   

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Since the pandemic of COVID-19, we have instituted the  JEC Pandemic of COVID-19 Practices Policy which outlines training practices that allow for appropriate social distancing within the guidelines specified by state and municipal authorities for “in-person” group, individual and remote training sessions.  Until public health officials deem it safe to convene in groups of 15 or more, all JEC sessions will be conducted virtually via remote sessions.  Once groups of 15 or more are permitted to convene, any individual who chooses to continue to participate remotely for health or any reason, may do so.   

JEC Saturday Morning Breakfast work sess
Financial Literacy Program



The Financial Literacy Program introduces practical financial terms, forms and situations.  In a classroom setting (virtual or in-person) Participants use the JEC interactive website to learn to develop and maintain personal and household budgets.  They are guided through the banking system (from deposits, to loans) and check writing.  Participants learn to complete a W9 and the IRS 1040-EZ Tax forms. The importance of "good credit” and credit scores are explained and discussed.  At the conclusion, each student participates in a simulated project developing a budget to support their adult lifestyle and income.  This fun exercise helps to show how one must be realistic about their potential earnings and spending habits.  

Taking business ideas and making them a
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Entrepreneurial and Business Development Training Program


The Entrepreneurial and Business Development Training Program brings structured training and practice in teaching business skills through our certified curriculum.  Youth often dream of becoming business owners, however they lack the knowledge and experience to attain those goal.  In this Program, participants learn the specifics of business planning, management and operations. Through fun, thought provoking exercises, students are  introduced to business terms, explore potential business opportunities and begin to develop their own business plan.

Let’s Get Ready for Work Program


The JEC Let’s Get Ready for Work Program helps participants develop professional skills.  Most Youth are not prepared to apply or interview for jobs. Youth who manage to secure employment are largely unprepared to be good workers.  By preparing Youth to search for jobs, complete job applications, interview and to have a good “work” attitude, they gain long term preparation that will prepare them to enter the workforce and remain employed.  These exercises enable Youth to understand how they are perceived and what changes they need to make to compete in the workforce.  

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